Why Fantasy Violence Begets Genuine Violence

by Roysclockgun 22. December 2012 14:44

Why Fantasy Violence Begets Genuine Violence
By: Steven L. Ashe

Scenario #1 : The realistic looking characters come into view, on the screen. By way of a computer device of one sort or another, the characters are shot, stabbed and bludgeoned to death by one or more "game players". The "game player" smiles and his little friends cheer, as blood is splattered all over the screen's landscape and the characters fall to the ground, missing heads, arms, legs and with intestines dragging in the dirt! The "game player" moves his hands on the device to reload his weapon and for as long as he care to "play", he continues to kill and maim his on screen adversaries. Harmless fun for kids of all ages! Or, do those sorts of "splatter games" elevate the players acceptance of extreme violence?

I believe that the answer is the latter. Not too many years ago, in black and white films, before television, death and injury was shown as bloodless. The spectator was not treated to the very graphic, very real scenes of violence that too many children and impressionable young adults are exposed to on a daily basis.

Scenario #2 : In the days of my youth, when Roy Rogers was my hero, he shot to wound in what appeared to be a totally bloodless fight. Then, after the "flesh wound" was wrapped with Roy's hanky, the bad guy was escorted to the local lawman and turned over the be tried and punished for his crimes and Roy rode off with Dale to "save other towns". Today, before the bad guy dies, he is beaten beyond recognition in computer generated scenes where anything and everything within reach is turned into a weapon. Each blow is enhanced with sounds of blunt force impacting flesh and bone with enough ferocity to fell a bull elephant. However, these prolonged martial arts fighting scenes go on after each warrior has been kicked repeatedly, struck in the head with every imaginable instrument and even shot multiple time, but nothing appears to stop him until finally, one antagonists (usually the good guy) or the other, uses a very nifty move that "takes out" the bad guy for good. All of this accompanied by lots of blood, gore and obvious injuries to the body. But wait, does our hero then check himself into a hospital to recouperate from his obvious injuries, just as Mohammed Ally and Joe Frazier had to do, following two of their boxing matches where they hit each other with padded gloves? No! The hero gets up, shakes his head as if to shake out all the pain and damage and in the following scene, is running full speed to catch and destroy another bad guy!


Looking further into how a constant diet of watching extreme violence can affect children and others who are impressionable, is shown by what was called "Brain Washing", during the Korean War. Allied prisoners of war were subjected to daily indoctrination and shown films that would eventually burn their messages into the prisoners' minds. After long periods of brain washing the Korean captors could put the prisoners into situations where they would do just about anything that they were told to do. Is that sort of brain washing much different then having our children view and hear a constant bombardment of violent actions?

Who can doubt that once a child's abhorrence of violence is broken down, they will be much more susceptible to carry out violence on their own.

While gun grabbers, and other anti-gun folk may clamor for more useless restrictions on guns and ammo ownership, the real cure to the problem lies in, among other places, the toning down of violence that children are able to see and hear in films, on TV and more importantly by interaction with video games, commonly called "splatter games".

The firearm is just one tool, among many, with which a child or other misguided person, may carry out fantasies that are rooted in their very realistic mind's eye views regarding violence. Films generally called "Action Films" will get the same results of mindless violence, when ingested in an all too often fashion by young, impressionable minds.

Where after school fist fights used to result in bruises that would fade in days, today all to often during confrontations among juveniles, knives and even firearms are produced to elevate what should be a near harmless head butting, into the use of deadly force, too often resulting in serious injury and death.

Could the soldiers who survived brain washing during the Korean War be reprogrammed to again become valuable, law abiding citizens? In many cases, they could. Sadly some were lost in the fantasy world, created by their captors. It has already been shown that too many parents or other guardians of children, cannot or will not keep the children away from viewing and hearing very violent actions, passing for entertainment.

Therefore, it is up to the public to clamor to have violence less available to children by any means possible. If action is not taken now, we will continue to see a rise in child and adolescent violence.

In regard to mentally ill adults, the same unacceptable actions result from exposure to entertainment violence. For those adults, the problem becomes more complicated, as they first must be recognized as being dangerous, because of their sick fascination with violence that many times leads to carrying out violent acts. Unless care givers, friends and family members of the mentally sick are encouraged to act on getting  authorities to give close scrutiny to the mentally ill person, we have no way to bring them into the light and perhaps head off the next mass shooting. Granted, to bring the mentally sick into the open, to get care and perhaps heal, will entail some loss of their civil rights. What is the alternative?

Steven L. Ashe
DeLand, FL

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