On the Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) discussions

by bills 13. January 2013 09:35
Consider this for a moment...
....Does controlling every aspect of your life; deciding what you must buy; who gets to work;
if you can be jailed without trial or representation; whether your home is raided
without warrant (not to mention if your every electronic, and even now non-electronic
conversation1) is being monitored without warrant; how to practice your
well-established religion2 --  kind of, well just maybe, start to sound
like tyranny?
Wouldn't you at least grant me a "Maybe" on that?
And if so, doesn’t that scare you?
Do you have the funds to work through long court cases if some
human (or non-human) monitor of your conversations decides that
what you have said goes against this or that.  
Or worse, what if what you say is deemed "terroristic" so that the
current NDAA can be used to jail you indefinitely without representation? 
(Each of which is prohibited by the 4th Amendment3, but circumvented by the
NDAA; and piled on via the newly submitted  Feinstein AWB).
Remember ... once all of these things are in place ... and many already are;
then they can be used by Either Party in the future.
I think it kind of comes down to this:
Either you (as a U.S. Citizen today) believe in the ideas (and rights) espoused in the
U.S. Constitution, the Constitutional Amendments, and the associated
Bill Of Rights ["The Documents"]; or you do not.
These documents have provided us with the freedom to act,
and to grow into a strong nation, for hundreds of years.

The Constitution: Where do you fall
Those that do not believe in these documents, in whole, or in part,
can legitimately act to have them changed at the federal level through amendments.
They can also end-run around the amendment process via court decisions;
which increasingly are made by judges who seek to change the constitution,
appointed by those not very interested in The Documents
for one motivation or another.
Other end-run around approaches to altering the documents include executive orders.
People believing in the constitution mostly want to leave it as it is.
People Not believing in these documents, seek to alter, weaken,
or altogether dispose of them over time -- saying that they do not fit / suit the times.
If you seek to change the documents, or allow others to do so on your behalf – just
because they want to for their own reasons; then you owe it to yourself, and to your family,
and most importantly to your children, to at least read them;
so that you fully understand what you are giving up.
Rather than trashing The Documents, as we hear so many do today,
we should stand in utter amazement at how thoughtful and far seeing that they were.
Remember: they were written soon after throwing off tyranny.
2nd Amendment
The founders set forth the 2nd Amendment, not to provide for hunting rifles – but
to allow the People to protect themselves from tyranny and from foreign invasion.
With even China now calling for U.S. citizens to be disarmed; along with all of the other
known, and as yet unknown threats, Why should we submit to being disarmed now?
(And Yes Virginia, the proposed AWB is a big step towards complete disarmament.)
Understand what you are giving up, BEFORE you do so.
We have already given up, so very, very much, and it is getting really close to being too late.

Gun Owner Call to Action
(One form, to email the President, Vice-President, your Senators, Representative, Governor,
Lieutenant Governor, State-Level Elected Officials and State Attorney General.)
If you have not contacted congress -- or even if you have, 
here are the individual links to get to your representative / senator:
H-232 The Capitol 
Washington, DC 20515 
202.225.0600    phone
202.225.5117    fax
Find your representative
Find your senator
State Level:
If you have NOT read the federalist papers (http://thomas.loc.gov/home/histdox/fed_01.html) you
really should try do so, to understand what the founders actually thought; as well as the
pro/against arguments that were made at the time.
If you only view / listen to the largely left of center media news,
then you truly owe it to yourself to at least try an episode or two from a
constitutionalist point of view. One example of this is the
Mark Levin Show (http://marklevinshow.com/home.asp), which runs at 6pm est.
If you think that gun registration/confiscation is (with apologies to
Martha Stewart) 'a good thing', then please listen to this video.
What Happens When GUN CONFISCATION Is Forced On People By Their Government
The ending credits are long; but, skip to the post-video commentaries (at ~45:12) as
they are worth it as well.
If you are convinced that such atrocities can never happen here, you should take comfort in
that the Germans in 1933 thought that it could not happen there either. Many Rwandans,
Angolans, Cambodians, Russians, Hungarians, Chinese and others, wished as they died
that they did not take similar comfort in the past, by not acting before it was too late.
1 In addition to long having videoed and photographed people in public
places in many parts of the country, agencies of the state such as in
Baltimore who are now recording private conversations
between people on public transit. See:
2 Catholics are being forced to pay for and give out contraceptives, even though
this is contrary to their religious beliefs, by the Affordable Healthcare Act
(So much for religious freedom).
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,
against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants
shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly
describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
4 Psychotropic Drugs: What Are They?
Psychotropic drugs are psychiatric medicines that alter chemical levels in the brain
which impact mood and behavior. Interestingly, these were recently written up by
See also: SSRI Stories for a running list of psychiatric drug-influenced murders and crimes.
Things that the Sandy Hook Shooting should inspire
1. NOT further gun restrictions on law-abiding citizens, on top of the
20,000+ that are already on the books.
2. DO prosecute those who do break the laws already on the books.
(and have them fulfill their entire sentence.)
3. Conduct concerted study on the affects of "Slaughter Games" now sold to
children. Understanding that not all who play shoot-em-up games commit
crimes, you still should see this site:
4. Conduct concerted study on the affects of "psychotropic drugs4" that cause
humans to completely lose their moral focus. These studies should be funded to NOT be
conducted by the pharmaceutical companies who make the drugs themselves,
but outside of pharma altogether.
5. If background checks and fingerprints are to be required of all law-abiding citizens,
for any reason, then background checks and fingerprints should be required for any
public official prior to taking office.  (Any maybe, in order to
run in the first place?)
e.g. Mothers/Fathers are now required to go through a background check
in order to help at school lunches and holiday parties at our elementary school.
If they require this, then why are they not required for politicians and judges
who seek to lead/shape America?
P.A.N.D.A. - People Against The NDAA
Mark Levin Show podcasts, by day:
Direct link to the Mark Levin Show player:

James Madison
The Federalist Papers  #46
What Happens When GUN CONFISCATION Is Forced On People By Their Government
The Federalist Papers

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